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If you haven’t tasted the sweetness of outsourcing, here is a chance – hire a world class writer at great prices.

1. Why at all ?

  • Quick ramp up — Can’t scale up because talent is scarce, and comes at a (high) cost? Well, outsource.
  • 24/7 Workflow — Chances are, there is a 8-12 hour lag between your and our time(Indian Standard Time) zones. So, work gets done 24/7 hours a day. Well, almost.
  • Experiments — Perhaps you want to launch a pilot project and do not want exit barriers or high set up costs. Hire a resource(writer/designer) with us and run your pilot project.
  • Cost savings — You know this. Outsourcing helps you cut costs. It indeed does.

2. Why us ?

  • No fine prints: No set up fees, no minimum lock in periods, no fine prints. If you decide to discontinue our services on the Nth day, you pay for those N days only on a pro-rata basis.
  • Quality stuff: Our writers are handpicked ones. Have a dekko at our content writing expertise and samples!
  • Direct communication: No “Project Managers”, no “Account Managers”. Communicate with your writer directly, one to one, and get the things done.
  • Continuity: Your business can’t wait. In case your writer is on leave, you get someone equally good.
  • Flexibility: Have an emergency job to do and its beyond office hours? Well, we ARE flexible. We won’t mind stretching for a couple of hours.
  • Cost – Just as an afterthought – we offer some great bang for your buck. Get a writer at only $8.5 per hour. The maths is simple – you pay $1500 for 176 hours. (22 days*8 hours per day)
  • Infrastructure: We don’t have Google scale infrastructure, but our IT infrastructure is pretty robust one.

Not sure yet ?

How about a trial pack ?

Hire a writer for 3 days at $250 only !

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