EWG Claims 92% Sunscreens Ineffective, Calls Them Snake Oil

Sunscreen 300x211 EWG Claims 92% Sunscreens Ineffective, Calls Them Snake OilMay 25 (PRINTWORDS NEWS) In what appears to be the worst news for sunbathers, EWG’s recent research has revealed that more than 92% of the sunscreen lotions are ineffective and some are even potentially dangerous for the skin. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) tested 500 sunscreen products available in the US and approved just 39 of them. The EWG is a non-profit group that spreads health and environmental awareness.

EWG claimed that most sunscreen lotions which make exaggerated claims are harmful for the skin. Especially dangerous were products that contained the vitamin A derivative retinyl palmitate that has been tested by the FDA(Food and Drugs Administration) to accelerate skin lesions. The derivative was found to be photocarcinogenic which means it undergoes a complex biochemical reaction that has the potential to lead to cancer. Another marked chemical found in sunscreen products is Oxybenzone that has can get into the bloodstream and also react in a harmful manner. The exaggerated claims of the products about their SPF counts has also been proven false.

The sunscreen industry has called the research ‘unsubstantiated’. They called the EWG the ‘Chicken Little’ in the industry. If the research is what it claims to be then a major part of the blame goes to the FDA which has been promising sunscreen gudelines since 1978. The guidelines which are reportedly being issues this October will take another year to be totally implemented. Till that time the sunscreen products will be on the shelves. The EWG has called the sunscreen products the equivalents of ‘snake oil’ that can harm by claiming to protect.

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