Is Chris Johnson Worth the Millions?

Chris Johnson has another six years with the Titans with his four-year deal worth an additional$53.5 million, inclusive of the $30 million guaranteed in the two remaining years. What’s his take on it? He wrote on Twitter, “I don’t have a regular job so don’t compare me to you and I can care less if uthink I’m greedy.”

Chris Johnson is one of the best running back, but do the Titans need him to run? They need him to get more wins, that’s for sure. After his 2006-yard season in 2009 Chris went on to say that he wanted beat the all-time record for single season running and did a 2500. But the season still was an 8-8. So may be he can put aside his selfish goals and think of doing enough to get the team into the playoffs.

To do that he needs to make more contact and hit the ball real hard if you wants to find the gaps for hard bases or go over the wall. Swinging for the fence isn’t quite going to cut it, eh? And with serious offensive linesmen like Coach Mike Munchak and offensive line coach Bruce Matthews, space created is going to be good enough for 2-3 yard runs rather than Chris’ aims of 40 or 50. So yes, perhaps Johnson would do better to look for what’s available instead of looking for the big play. Pushing way too much for the highlight reels is only going to get him more zero or negative yard runs.

The Titans have shown a lot of faith in Johnson and it mght be time for him to give them some commitment now. If Munchak and the Titans need him to work into their offseason program letting younger players see what he is good at, it can’t be too bad. Even if he wants to keep it short and fly home to Orlando faster than the ball goes over the wall.