RE Teacher Madeleine Martin Jailed For Seducing 15 Year Old Student

madeline RE Teacher Madeleine Martin Jailed For Seducing 15 Year Old StudentGreater Manchester, Nov. 29, (PRINTWORDS NEWS) A 39 year old religious education teacher has reportedly been jailed after she was found guilty of seducing and having sex with her 15 year old student. An act for which she has been sentenced to 32 months of prison term. Madeleine Martin, who is a teacher at a school in Greater Manchester, has been found guilty of all counts of the charges that were brought against her and confessed to her principal role in the incident.

The amorous affair had reportedly carried on elaborately over the social networking website of Facebook. In the month of January [this year], when the affair was in full bloom, the two had sent each other as many as 10 texts everyday. One of Martin’s many messages read, “Sorry, I cannot add you [as a friend on the website] until you leave school.” Another of her messages read, “Don’t worry, I always got your back,” which was sent after she had lied on his behalf when the 15 year old had missed his detention. Madeline Martin had also tired getting the boy into her form at school.

It was on the 9th of February that she drove the young boy to a tattoo parlour and paid for getting her name imprinted on his arm. After that, she drove over to a retail park, accompanied by her 15 year old student and engrossed in sexual acts with the minor. They were however, spotted by the security guard and asked to leave the premises.

Over the next few days the two carried on with their intensely sexual relationship and engrossed in sexual activities continuously over a period of 7-8 days. The next time was when Martin drove her young stooge over to Daisy Nook County Park near Oldham. They also exploited the absence of the boy’s uncle from the latter’s home and had sex there, two days later. All this took place at a time when the boy’s mother was abroad and was preoccupied with caring for her grievously ill father.

Martin also invited her young student over to her house when her two teenage daughters [aged 14 and 17] were away and embarked upon a intimate physical act. However, after carrying on with the intense physical showdown for as many as 9 days, the couple decided to bring an end to their out of bounds physical relationship and called it quits. Following the break-up of sorts, the boy confided about the sexual affair to his brothers, who went ahead and disclosed all to their mother.

While the trail was going on, it was brought to light that Martin was undergoing enormous emotional stress owing to some “personal difficulties” at the time of the occurrence of the affair. Her marital life was in a jeopardy and she had found out that her sister had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the stress of all this that forced her to behave “out of character”. According to her attorney, “She never intended to have a sexual relationship- it was something which grew over time. She accepts that it is all of her own doing and that she is to blame- not the boy. She bitterly, bitterly regrets what she has done.”

 RE Teacher Madeleine Martin Jailed For Seducing 15 Year Old Student

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